Collection and Delivery Policy

Last updated: Version 1 - April 2020

  1. GymLend Pty Ltd (ABN 66 600 876 319) (GymLend or our or we or us) is in the business of conducting an online marketplace for the hire of health and fitness equipment between owners (Owners) and renters (Renters) (Services).
  2. This Policy governs how Owners and Renters may collect and deliver Equipment booked using the GymLend Platform.
  3. Owners and Renters are free to arrange how they would like to collect or deliver Equipment.
  4. GymLend may from time to time procure the competitive rates of a third-party freight provider (currently Zoom2U, but subject to change without notice) (Freight Provider). The rates apply for Equipment delivered in a 70km radius of the despatch point. Some locations may not be offered by our Freight Provider (E.g. TAS, NT and regional).

  5. Owners and Renters may sign-up to Freight Provider and will be asked to reference their ‘GymLend’ account in the sign up process. This will enable the Freight Provider to apply our competitive freight rates. Our developers are working hard on a more tech savvy solution, so bear with us.
  6. Freight Provider’s competitive rates are based on a driveway to driveway arrangement. The Owner and Renter must ensure they are present at their respective ends to help the friendly driver and remember to lift any Equipment safely and away from busy roads.
  7. Owners and Renters can obtain real time monitoring and SMS notifications at no additional cost via Freight Provider (subject to availability).
  8. Sign-up for Owners’ and Renters’ Freight Provider accounts can occur here
  9. You can also watch Freight Provider’s helpful instruction video here
  10. Owners and Renters may both use the Freight Provider’s GymLend pricing depending on who is arranging the freight.
  11. Where Owners have elected to offer a freight option in their listing, they are responsible for checking, when accepting a Booking, that the estimate calculated by the Platform is sufficient to cover the actual freight cost. Freight estimates have been based upon our rates offered by Freight Provider.
  12. Owners are not obliged to offer freight in their listings, in which case the Renter is responsible for collection and return.
  13. Freight Provider offers same day delivery for freight bookings made before 11am. There may be a delay in submitting a rental booking and an Owner making a freight booking. 
  14. Owners must ensure that Equipment is ready for collection/despatch and, if applicable, notified to Freight Provider before 10:00am on the first day of the Booking Period.
  15. We recommend that Owners take time-stamped photographs detailing the condition of their Equipment before releasing it for collection/to the Freight Provider.
  16. Renters must ensure that Equipment is returned to the Owner before 2pm on the last day of the Booking Period.
  17. Owners and Renters can always agree on alternative timing if they wish, using the messaging function in the Platform.
  18. Please read our Health and Safety Policy on how you should treat the Equipment before, during and after the Booking Period.
  19. If we decide to change this Policy, we will post the changes on our website. Please refer back to this Policy to review any amendments.