FAQ’s For Equipment Owners:

How do I list my equipment on GymLend?

It’s super easy. Simply click here, enter your details to join GymLend, then fill out the details of your equipment. Set your rental pricing, chose to offer pick-up or delivery (or both), upload a photo, and you’re done! Simple.
If you’re signing up as a gym, create the account in your personal name (so Renters and GymLend know who we’re talking to!), but also include the name of your Gym in your profile to get your brand out there.

What equipment do Renters want? What's a Package?

Many Renters will want a bundle of equipment that they can use to perform a variety of workouts at home. For example, including plates & collars with your barbell, or including a skipping & kettle bell with your functional mat, will create an attractive package for Renters. This will help Renters workout at home properly, simplify the booking process, and will help you maximise your return.

How many items can I list? Can I add multiple quantities of the one item?

You can post as many listings on GymLend as you like for free – go for it! To make it simpler for you to manage your inventory, if you have more than one quantity of a particular item that you want to list, just create a separate listing for each one – that way you’ll never forget to update your quantities available.

How much should I charge for my equipment?

Ultimately, it’s completely up to you to charge whatever you like for your gear. A great place to start is browsing the platform to see what similar listings are charging. If you’re really stuck, get in touch with us at hello@gymlend.com and we’ll help you out.

How will I know if someone wants to rent my equipment?

As soon as someone requests to book your equipment, you’ll be notified by email. It’s then up to you to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ their request, through the GymLend platform. It’s really easy.

I’m a gym – Can I show my members all my items?

Yes! Once your items are live, you’ll have a page in your user profile showing all your listings. You can send a direct link for this page to all your members!

How do I get the equipment to the Renter?

When posting your listing, you can choose to mark your item as “Pick Up Only”, “Delivery Only” or “Pick Up or Delivery – Renter’s Choice”.
For Pick Up items, you’ll communicate directly with the Renter via the GymLend platform to arrange a time & location for pick up, after you’ve accepted their booking request.
For Delivery items, we’ve partnered with a freight provider to make the process really simple. The delivery cost is automatically calculated at checkout and charged to the customer (in addition to the Rental costs) – the cost is based on the Renter’s distance from you.

The Customer will enter their delivery address at checkout. You’ll then book the collection with our delivery partner for a time that suits you. Done!

How soon do I have to send my gear / make it available for collection?

Equipment must be ready for despatch to the Renter (or freight provider if shipping) by 10:00am on the first of the booking period. If using our delivery partner, be sure to create your freight booking as soon as you accept the rental request.
If Renters hire multiple items from one Owner at the same time for the same period, they may only have to pay one shipping fee.
To make this happen, we recommend that Renters contact the Owner through the GymLend platform by clicking “Contact” on the item listing page. Once the Renter and Owner have agreed on all the items the Renter wants, the Owner can create a new item listing as a ‘package’ for that Renter – just select ‘package’ in the item category, list the items in the ‘item description’ and set the rental price as the total agreed amount. The Renter can then hire that package and enjoy a single shipping price and single weekly payment for all items!

How and when do I get paid?

All payments are handled by the GymLend platform – this is important to ensure GymLend’s Owner Protection Policy kicks in. When you sign up, you tell us where you want your payments sent to. We’ll collect all rental payments from the Renter, deduct our fee (see below), and then send the rest straight to your nominated account. Unlike other platforms, we don’t make you wait until the end of the rental to get paid.

What does it cost?

Our pricing model is really simple. Unlike many other platforms, we don’t charge listing fees, subscription fees, joining fees etc. We simply collect a fee equal to 20% of the rental fees. It’s taken from the rent paid by the Renter, before the balance is sent to you, the Owner.

How do I get my equipment back?

Renters have a choice during the booking process – they can either select to return the goods themselves at the end of the hire period, or they can pre-pay to have it returned via our delivery partner.
If they chose to return themselves, you can communicate directly with the Renter to arrange a time – the location should be the same place the item left you from.
If they chose to prepay for return delivery, then you’ll simply book a freight partner to collect the items from the Renter and bring them back to you, on the day the rental ends.

What if my equipment is damaged or not returned?

In the unlikely event an item is damaged or not returned, we’ve got a few measures in place to keep you safe. Firstly, all GymLend rentals commence with the first and last week’s rent being paid in advance by the Renter. Secondly, GymLend’s default terms and conditions allow owners to charge the replacement cost of the equipment to the Renter’s listed credit card. Thirdly, all GymLend rentals are covered by our Owner Protection Policy. Get in touch with us at hello@gymlend.com if your items are damaged/not returned.

How do I cancel a Rental on GymLend and stop future payments?

There are two options:

Option 1 – Give Renters at Lease 2 Weeks’ Notice (Easiest – No Refunds)

All GymLend renters paid for 2 weeks upfront at the start (their first and last week’s rental). They also make all their weekly payments in advance.
So, the easiest way to process a return of gear is to give your renters notice at least two weeks before the equipment is due to be returned (to cover the week they paid for at the start).
You’ll also need to cancel the renters subscription in the GymLend platform on the date you given them notice (not the return due date!), to avoid them paying again next week. To do this, simply login in to GymLend, select the relevant rental transaction in your inbox, and click the cancel button. Set a time with the renter for them to bring back the gear on the return date, and you’re done! Simple.
For example, if someone's rental commenced on a Tuesday, you should press the cancellation button on the Wednesday morning (i.e. the day following the last debit) after agreeing with the Renter to return the Equipment on the second Tuesday after that. Please ensure that when sending notice to Renters that you’re cancelling the rentals, you send it to them via the GymLend platform, so it’s tracked & recorded. If you’re worried they won’t see it, you can also call, email or SMS them.

Option 2 – Immediate Return, No/Minimal Notice to Renters (Refunds Required)

Alternatively, if you require your gear back faster than the Option 1 method above (ie in less than 2 weeks), then the standard GymLend rental agreement does allow you to cancel the rental and demand the gear is returned on only 24 hours’ notice.

If you wish to take this option, you’ll need to:

1. Notify the renters through the GymLend platform that you’re cancelling early, giving them a date and time to return the gear (we recommend you give them some options and be as accommodating as possible);

2. Cancel the rentals in GymLend (by clicking the ‘cancel’ button in each relevant booking), to avoid them being charged again; and

3. Once the gear is back, refund the renters directly (via cash or EFT bank transfer) for any rental period they have paid for but have been unable to use.

When calculating the refund, please ensure you include in the week they paid in advance, plus the pro-rata week from the date they return until their next billing date. For example, if their rental commenced on a Tuesday and you cancelled and asked for equipment to be returned on a Friday, you would owe the Renter one full week plus the 4 days they missed out on in the current billing week (Saturday to Monday).

If you take this approach, please keep a record of your refunds.

Already Called Your Gear Back?

If you’ve already requested your gear back, you’ll need to follow either of the above options too, to make sure no future payments are billed and that your customers are refunded where necessary.

If the gear has already returned and you didn’t give at least a weeks’ notice after cancelling the rental in GymLend, please facilitate a refund directly to your renter for their unused hire charges – and please don’t forget to log in and cancel the rentals.

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