FAQ’s for Renters / Individuals:

What is GymLend and How Does it Work?

GymLend is an online marketplace for people to rent top quality gym equipment from gyms & individuals near them. Check out our ‘how it works’ section for more info.

How do I rent something on GymLend?

We recommend you start by searching for what’s available in your local area by typing your suburb into the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve found the item you want, simply pick your desired start date and enter how many weeks you want it for – then click “Request to Book”. You’ll then be taken to our sign up page; just fill in your details and you’re done!

How will the equipment get to me?

For most items, you’ll get to choose from pick up or delivery.
If you prefer to pick up, select this option during the booking process and the Equipment owner will get in touch once your booking is accepted to arrange a time & location for collection.
If you chose delivery, GymLend will automatically calculate the delivery fee during the checkout process and you’ll pay for this upfront. The equipment Owner will take care of the rest and the equipment will arrive at your nominated delivery address pronto on the first day of your booking period. This can usually be the same day if booked & accepted before 10am, otherwise the next business day!

What’s the shortest and longest I can rent items for?

All GymLend rentals have a minimum rental period of . There’s no set maximum on rental lengths. When you request a booking, you can either pick a fixed period (for example, 8 weeks), or simply select “ongoing” if you’re not sure how long you want it for yet.
Some individual item owners may want to set their own limit on maximum rental lengths, based on their own needs – these will usually be displayed in the individual item’s listing description.

Does GymLend charge me fees?

No! GymLend does not charge fees to Renters!
We collect the rental payments from you on behalf of the Owners, and we deduct the Owners fees to us from those payments. Simple!

What if I lose or break the item?

We understand that accidents happen! In the unlikely event that you lose or damage your item, please let the Owner know as soon as possible.

What if there’s something wrong with the equipment?

If you think your equipment is faulty, please get in contact with the Owner as soon as possible through the GymLend messaging tool. They’ll work with you to get it solved as quickly as possible.

What payment methods does GymLend accept?

GymLend accepts rental payments via VISA or Mastercard debit or credit cards.

Do I need to assemble items?

In most cases, no! The majority of equipment on GymLend is ready to go from the moment it’s delivered. However, for some larger or more complicated items, some set up may be required; this will typically be stated in the item description, but if you’re unsure, please ask the Owner to clarify when you’re requesting to book – they'll be glad to help!

How big/small/heavy is a particular item? Will it fit in my garage/house/loungeroom?

GymLend lets Owners list fitness equipment of all shapes, sizes and weights. Most of the time, you’ll be able to get a good idea of the size and weight of an item from its description and photos in the listing. However, as always, if you’re unsure or would like further details, just ask the Owner when submitting your request to book. Easy!

What if I want to cancel my rental early for change of mind?

All GymLend rentals are either for a fixed term, or an ongoing basis.
If you select an ongoing rental, you can cancel at any time after giving a minimum of weeks’ notice to the Owner through GymLend. Just let the Owner know using GymLend’s messaging function that you wish to end the rental, and they’ll walk you through the steps from there.
If you selected a fixed term rental, you have to complete the rental payments for the full term that you selected when booking. You can return the equipment early and still make the payments if you wish, just contact the Owner through the GymLend platform and let them know.

Can the Owner cancel early?

Because many of the equipment Owners are gyms or fitness studios, there may be times where they need their equipment back earlier than originally expected. As a result, all GymLend rental contracts allow for the Owner to end the rental early and get the equipment back – they must give you at least notice though. If this happens, the Owner will pay for the return freight cost.

How do I use the equipment? What’s the best equipment for me to achieve my fitness goals?

We know everyone has their own, unique goals and reasons for working out. Our platform is intended to have something for everyone – from Olympic weights to yoga mats, and beyond!
Because of our ‘cater for all’ approach, we unfortunately can’t be experts in every item, or in every Renter’s needs and goals.
If you’re stuck on how to use something you’ve hired, or are not sure about something you’re considering hiring, please don’t hesitate to contact the Owner and ask for help.

What if I’m late returning an item?

If you’re late returning your item, please let the Owner know immediately. It’s important that gear is returned on time, as Owner’s may have already committed that item to someone else. If you are late, additional hire fees will apply, and they can be significant. Please check the User Terms for more details.

What if I only want one item from a ‘package’ listing? Can they be separated?

In a word, maybe! It’s totally up to the Owner. Sometimes the packages are combined for a specific reason and it may be tricky for the Owner to split things out. But, sometimes it’s easy and they’re happy to do it. The best way to find out is to message the Owner through the GymLend platform and ask – the worst they can do is say no! If they can split it out, they’ll usually do this by posting the item by itself as a new separate listing, just for you.

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