Health and Safety Policy

Last updated: Version 1 - April 2020

  1. GymLend Pty Ltd (ABN 66 600 876 319) (GymLend or our or we or us) is in the business of conducting an online marketplace for the hire of health and fitness equipment between owners (Owners) and renters (Renters) (Services).
  2. This Policy governs how Owners and Renters should treat and use Equipment booked using the GymLend Platform.

  4. Maintaining effective hygiene practices is essential before, during and after the Booking Period (including in transit). Now more than ever, we need to ensure that germs and other contaminable substances are not passing between users of Equipment on the GymLend platform.
  5. Please ensure that all Equipment is appropriately cleaned, sanitised and covered before despatching for collection or delivery. It’s pretty simple, treat the Equipment as you’d like to receive it and you can’t go wrong.
  6. In times of increased community hygiene concern, it is also recommended to wear a protective barrier such as gloves when handing over the equipment. The recipient can always then give things another clean or sanitise at their end of the journey.

  8. Equipment should be dismantled into manageable and transportable portions wherever possible. 
  9. If small items can be lost or confused, consider labelling them and/or storing them in easily identifiable containers.
  10. If you are responsible for lifting Equipment before, during and after transit, please inform yourself of safe lifting practices and know your limits.
  11. Should you wish to arrange any particular form of contactless delivery, please discuss this directly with the Owner and/or the Freight Partner during the booking process.

  13. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic or a first timer, GymLend has something for you.
  14. When using fitness equipment don’t be a hero. Train hard, but know your limits and put your safety first.
  15. If you haven’t used an item before, consider engaging a personal trainer to instruct you on correct technique and training methods to avoid injury.
  16. If you do have a medical condition or are expecting a baby soon (congratulations) then please, please, please get medical clearance before using the Equipment you found on GymLend.
  17. Finally, if something doesn’t feel right…STOP. Have a break, reset, come back tomorrow if you need to, but don’t push through pain. If you’re ever in doubt, seek medical advice.
  18. We want you all to improve your fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle, but we’d hate to see you do long-term damage to your health because you rushed, went too hard or didn’t know what you were doing.

  20. At GymLend we want all of our members to have a happy and enjoyable experience whilst using the Equipment. Please treat the Equipment as your own, even if it’s not.
  21. Ensure that equipment is stored in your locked premises away from adverse weather, water,  dust, mould, pests etc.
  22. Treat it like you would at an ordinary gym. Wipe things down after use. Pack them away neatly and ensure they last the test of time (and your training).
  23. Most of the Equipment is heavy, so be sure to keep it low to the ground and away from children and pets to avoid injury.
  24. Salt water (or any water really) and corrosives don’t mix well with most of the Equipment you’ll find on GymLend, so please keep these things well away from your GymLend Equipment.
  25. Most of all, enjoy your training, do it regularly, do it well and as we say - Workout at Home. Properly.
  26. If we decide to change this policy, we will post the changes on our website. Please refer back to this policy to review any amendments.